Care instructions

Care instructions before and after 24 hours of your appointment
Please arrive to your appointment without make-up!

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Makeup cleansing: The first step is to wash your face with water! Use a face wash foam or soap and wash your face and eyes thoroughly, ideally while taking a shower! Then, remove any remaining makeup from the skin with using make-up cleanser! Never go to bed with makeup on! Never arrive with makeup on to your appointment. If possible, do not use mascara, eyeliner or creamy / oily eye makeup at all, because it can reduce the durability of your extensions and the lack of proper hygiene can lead to infections! Furthermore I cannot work on contaminated eyes / lashes, so in a case like this, I have to remove your set of eyelash extensions and apply a completely new set for a new set price

Unfortunately we cannot deal with taking off make–up, that has been on for days or weeks!
– You can permanently colour your eyelash extension a couple days before your refill appointment.
– I would recommend you to wash your hair at home before your appointment, as new eyelashes should not be exposed to water for 24 hours, this way you can avoid water spilling on your lashes you are supposed to protect.
You have nothing to do during the application process that to relax. Or chat with me.

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Protect your newly applied lashes for 24 hours after application:
– Do not expose your brand new lashes to water for 24 hours, because that’s the final drying time of the glue!
– Do not go tanning or to a sauna- because excessive heat and high humidity is not your lashes’ best friends before the final drying time of the glue
– Please also control your bathing habits in the first 24 hours, because of high humidity and vapour in the shower. Do not close the door of the shower for half an hour, I know it is the best thing to do in the winter but the glue will not last if you do it before the final drying time.
– If you apply any cream on your face before going to bed, make sure you leave out the eye area and do not apply it just before going to bed because after going to sleep the cream, which has not been absorbed completely yet, can move to your canthus or to the base of the lashes, and it can cause damage to your newly applies lashes as well.
– Do not cry! Neither for joy nor grief, because tears are also moisture.
– Avoid putting make up on your eyes, if possible, because the procedure of cleansing it may also shorten the life of the adhesive.
After 24 hours, your lashes are ready.
You can swim, go to the sauna or do anything you want.

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Some good advice for every day:
– Wash off your makeup every night the same way … It is essential to do for proper hygiene as well.
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– Do not use any oil based cleanser because they can erode the glue even after drying
– As lashes stay in shape on their own, there is no need for colouring them. If you want to use mascara anyway, I recommend you to use special mascara for eyelash extensions instead of regular mascara for real lashes. (Waterproof mascara is a NO NO anyway). It’s gentle enough and is enough if you apply on the end of your lashes.
– You should also ’brush’ your eyelashes regularly. I will provide you with a brush at your first visit.

List of NOs:
– No application for permed eyelashes.
– The waiting time is one month after chemical cosmetic peels (because of the tape to be placed under your eyes)
– Also you have to wait a month after permanent cosmetic treatments.
That’s it!
Apart from these, you have nothing else to do than to enjoy your perfectly looking lashes from morning to evening.
I hope you have as much joy in wearing your perfect lashes as me applying them for you.

But aren’t those kind of eyelash extensions harmful?
– No harm caused to your natural lashes as long as your lashes are not subject to “overload”, meaning, that the right thickness is used fitting your natural lashes. I always tell my guests that this is absolutely safe to wear extensions for years, if the right kind of extension is applied and the natural lashes don’t get damaged. If you do not have natural lashes, on which I can apply the extensions, there will be no beautiful eyelash extensions.
– Another case of harm if the extensions are glued together, building clumps.
– In case you do not wish to continue wearing extensions for whatever reason, there are two easy ways to get rid of them. One is to simply let them fall out with your natural lashes. The other way is to come back to me and I take them off with using a remover. Whichever you choose it is beside the point: Do NOT tear your lashes for yourself. Doing that you can make the most damage to your own eyelashes!
It is our common interest to protect the health of your natural lashes!

Looking forward to serve you soon:

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