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New set prices apply for new clients or for refills after 29 days.

Please keep in mind:

If you pay with Euros, our exchange rate is 1 Euro = HUF 250

Do not wear makeup and make your eyelashes clear when you arrive your appointment.

We CAN’T remove your old lashes from other stylists.

If you come with makeup or dirty lashes regulary, we have to remove your lashes and apply a new set and therefore have to pay NEW PRICE!

In order to preserve our passsion for our job and always be happy to make your eyelashes, our practical experience has forced our problem-solving personality to create a set of rules for a few years now:


The price for application must therefore be paid in advance, 2 business day before the scheduled time, which is not refundable if, for any reason, you do not show up at the scheduled time, or you cancel within 2 business day!

Appointments cancelled within 24 hours of the scheduled time will be charged for!

You have 2 days to transfer the amount, and if it does not happen, all future appointments will be automatically cancelled.

You must start your transfer from abroad 10 days in advance to get it in time.

Please make sure, that you arrive to your appointment with clean lashes, without make up!

zsinett nomakeup

Make sure you book your appointment at least 1-2 weeks in advance!

– We do not apply lashes that are longer and thicker than 13mm!

– As a Basic lash extension service, one eyelash will be applied per natural eyelash.

– As a Basic 2D lash extension service, 2 eyelashes and as a Volume 3-4D lash extension service, 3-4 eyelashes will be applied per natural eyelash.

The thickness of the lashes vary by different techniques, thus avoiding overloading your natural eyelashes.

You have a chance to change the curves, the thickness and techniques of application at each appointment.

It is mandatory to arrive with clean, make up free lashes, we cannot serve you otherwise.

– The application time will vary depending on the amount of your own eyelashes and on the technique chosen. It can take between 2-3 hours.

We kindly ask you to avoid unnecessary and unexpected movements with your arms, your legs and your head throughout the whole application, as this will significantly shorten our time for real application work.

Moving too much will prevent us from applying the right amount of lashes despite dedicating the right amount of time.

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